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July 2017

How To Brush Hair Extensions

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We have all heard the horror stories about hair extensions damaging your hair and to be honest with you, most of them are true. This is not because the actual hair extensions damage your hair, it's because they are either put in wrong, too big and bulky, too heavy or the hair stylist never taught the person wearing the extensions how to properly take care of them. One major issue that I see is not brushing enough and allowing the hair extension bonds to get tangled at the root of your hair. This can cause quite a bit of damage. When hair gets tangled, there is pulling at the scalp and there is traction tension on your own hair. Once the hair has tangled enough to become matted together like a mini dread lock, this is the major danger zone. Here are some tips to avoid this little disaster: Curly Hair: If you have curly hair and you leave it curly you must brush your hair: Before getting in the shower to wash your hair When you are in the shower and your hair has conditioner in it (do not put conditioner directly on the bonds, unless your hair stylist...
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