Salon Covid-19 Questions and Answers

By August 27, 2021salon news


As of August 27th 2021 Boston’s Mayor Kim Janey announced a new mask mandate requiring everyone to wear a mask in all indoor public spaces such as retail establishments. If you arrive without a mask, we are more than happy to provide you with one during your check-in process.

Thank you all for your support and patience as we worked through the emotional and logistical rollercoaster over the past year. We feel so proud and grateful to say that, due to our stringent measures, our staff’s hard work, and most of all our clients’ strict adherence to safety protocols, we have not had a single incident during this scary, unpredictable time. We will be thrilled to be able to see you, your noses and your smiles, once again very soon.


Each station is still more than 6ft apart, with barrier shelves between each of the chairs/stations.

Each station has an air purifier with two H13 HEPA filters on each side, that cover approximately 500sq ft of space, and one air purifier at the front desk area for a total of 30,000sq ft of coverage. (Our salon is about 1,200 sq. ft.) We ask that you bring something warm to wear, it might get a little chilly in the salon with all the air purifiers on at the same time.

All of our stylists will be changing to a fresh and clean stylist smock between each client.

All tools will continue to be properly sanitized using salon grade tool disinfectant, and then placed into  one of our two UV-C light machines for additional safety.

We will continue to clean, disinfect and sanitize high traffic areas and touch points throughout the day (such as door handles, light switches, keyboards, credit card machine), and we will disinfect stations between each client with industrial grade IPA concentrated rubbing alcohol and Barbicide.

For your services we will provide each guest with:

  • Clean, sanitized robe and cape, both in a disposable sealed bag.
  • A clean and sanitized bin containing clean and sanitized tools (combs, clips, brushes etc.) inside individual disposable sealed bags.
  • A bottle of a personal Extology 1oz sanitizer is available to each guest at the front desk upon request.
  • Touchless sanitizer dispenser near the entrance of the salon.
  • Touchless restroom light switch.
  • Touchless restroom soap dispenser.


  • Masks are required for entry to Extology Salon regardless of vaccination status.
  • Please stay home if exhibiting signs of Covid-19.