Bringing Great Lengths Extensions To The Heart Of Boston

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Bringing Great Lengths Extensions To The Heart Of Boston

As our name implies, we take hair extensions very seriously around here. Our founder and Master Stylist Allana has been on a career-long quest to find the best hair extension brands and partners to work with. We read, research, test, research again, test again, research again… So when we fall in love with a brand and a product, you know it’s for real!

Which brings us to Great Lengths, our partners for bonded hair extensions. Great Lengths as a company has proven to truly be the world leader in high quality hair extensions, and they place value not only on the look and feel of the extensions but on the impact this industry has on the world we live in and its inhabitants. We are, in a word, obsessed with them! We love the hair and the brand, and we are so sure you will too. 

Below, please find a very detailed explainer of what makes Great Lengths extensions stand out from other brands, and a video from the brand itself. If you’re hair nerds like we are, we’re sure you’ll love learning about all the reasons we stand behind this new-to-us brand. If you’re not, you can skip the below and just trust that we’ve made some great choices for the health and look of your hair! 

Hair extension nerds, read on! 

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What makes Great Lengths Hair Extensions so different?

The Hair

100% Indian Temple hair, ethically sourced, traceable and guaranteed. Only the best quality hair is procured by a Great Lengths company representative to ensure full and direct knowledge of the origin of the hair. Money used to procure the hair is solely used for charitable endeavors and not for personal or individual profit. Exclusive in-house production processes are used from the procurement of the hair to ensure full trace-ability. The health and quality of the hair allows us to customize the texture to match the slightest of waves to the curliest of curls, allowing us to create the most incredibly natural and seamless looks for any hair texture.

The Color

Great Lengths uses a patented di-pigmentation process without the use of bleach or ammonia derivatives, leaving the hair strands in virgin-like condition. The process not only leaves the hair in the healthiest state possible, but also does not have a negative eco impact on the planet, leaving us with the most luxurious hair extensions while leaving our planet earth unharmed. Each batch of hair is hand blended  for the most natural look of each color and the color customization is endless. With a vast selection of stock natural shades, ombre, rooted, bronde and fashion colors to choose from — plus, we can custom order the colors for each individual head of hair as needed. The selections are endless and incredible!

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The Bond

Patented Synthesized Keratin Polymer that attaches to hair on a molecular level. The bond is designed to mimic the structure of human hair. This allows the bond to shrink and expand with the hair to ensure longer wear and better hold. For those of us with hair that just did not hold bonds well in the past, this is a game changer! Even the heads of the slipperiest, finest hair that we had challenges with in the past are now able to go longer in between maintenance appointments. It has been so gratifying to witness.

We have improved our design and customization process to allow for an even better match than we were able to create for you in the past. With various pricing tiers, multiple length, countless color and curl/wave pattern options the sky is the limit when it comes to having your dream hair become a reality! We could not be more excited.

Reserve your spot today by scheduling a Hair Extensions Consultation appointment, and let’s get your hair full, lush, and beautiful with help from our pals at Great Lengths.