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Calling All Curly Girls (and Guys!)

By curly hair, hair tips, products
I'm sure you've all seen the magnificent Super Bowl performance by the stunning JLo and Shakira, and since everyone has been raving about those gorgeous Shakira curls, we wanted to let you in on a few secrets to having beautiful and bouncy curls of your own! Did you know that more than 65% of the population in the U.S. has curly hair?! Plus, so many of us have some kind of wave or texture that can be a little more complex to style. This number is only going to increase as the country becomes amazingly more diverse! There are so many product lines out there purporting to be "the best" for curls, and so many Instagram hair posts and blogs with all kinds of opinions on best practices for the best curls. Well, as a curly girl myself, I can tell you I've gone through them ALL over the years. So, I've got this down to a science, and have educated my whole staff about what I've learned over the years. Of course, there's a million different kinds of curls - so be sure to chat with us at your next appointment so we can customize a curly-hair-plan that's just...
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