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The Effects Of Hard Water – Causes And Remedies For Healthier Hair.

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Understanding the Impact of Hard Water on Your Hair Let's delve into the often overlooked yet significant effects of hard water on hair health. This insightful blog post explores how the mineral content in hard water can strip hair of its natural oils, leading to dryness, brittleness, and lackluster appearance. In this article we are going to discuss: Dangers of hard water for hair and skin. How do you know if you have hard water? How can I protect my hair from hard water? Purchasing A Shower Filter For Healthy Hair. Dangers of hard water for hair and skin. Hard water, while seemingly innocuous, can pose significant dangers to the health and appearance of your hair. Laden with high concentrations of minerals like calcium and magnesium, hard water can leave behind mineral deposits that build up on the scalp and hair strands over time. These deposits create a barrier that blocks moisture from penetrating the hair shaft, leading to dry, brittle strands that are prone to breakage and split ends. Additionally, the alkaline nature of hard water can disrupt the natural pH balance of the scalp, causing irritation, inflammation, and even exacerbating conditions like dandruff and eczema. Furthermore, the mineral...
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Current obsession: Oribe’s Imperial Blowout Transformative Styling Creme

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Usually, this blog is a space for our knowledgeable, talented stylists to share little bits of styling wisdom and all the hair tricks they have up their sleeves. But I really wanted to jump on here today and to fangirl about my latest obsession from Oribe, because I can’t stop talking about it (and everyone in my life has already heard me raving about this stuff, more than once). My name is Anya - I'm Extology Salon's social media and marketing gal, and so despite thinking about hair all day, I actually have no styling knowledge or experience, and often find myself in the same position many of you might be familiar with: staring at my wet hair, post-shower, dreading another tedious self-administered blowout, knowing I won’t be all that wowed or satisfied with the end result. Plus, lately, I've found my hair a little limper and flatter than I would like, so styling has been a real chore. (I’m blaming the cold winter, forced air, and possibly also just getting older). Enter: the Imperial Blowout Creme which has, without exaggeration, Changed. My. Life. Extology’s founder & Master Stylist Allana recommended I try the new product and I was hooked...
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Serene Scalp Rejuvenation

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As we hunker down for a chilly winter season, we wanted to treat your scalp to the ultimate soothing experience. Forced heat and blustery winter air can be a nightmare for flakiness, dryness, and scalp irritation, but we’ve got the ultimate remedy: For the rest of the month, mention this promo to add a 15-minute scalp rejuvenation to your service - absolutely FREE! This service will include a detoxifying treatment with our favorite Malibu Scalp Therapy crystals, followed by an Oribe Serene Scalp Scrub, to get your scalp feeling like its calm, happy self and primed for whatever service you’re about to get. Malibu Scalp Therapy is the ultimate flake fighter that naturally soothes and satisfies while instantly delivering vital nutrients to help relieve symptoms associated with dry scalp. Why is this a must have? It is the first ever 100% vegan crystallized flake fighter, instantly begins to soothe itching and irritation, infused with a one-of-a-kind blend of soothing botanicals and essential oils and is safe for lifestyle use, unlike many ‘traditional’ scalp products. As we mentioned earlier, it is 100% vegan, food-grade, wellness ingredients, infused with a B vitamin complex plus biotin for intensely therapeutic results, promotes a healthy scalp...
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Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Mask

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Last month, we told you all about our newest product line addition: Oribe. You guys are maybe even more stoked than we are! We've loved hearing all your feedback on how amazing their products are, and watching you fill up on the line from our retail shelves. So if your hair has maaaybe gotten too much Vitamin D over the last few months (or spent too many hours in salt water or chlorine) -- we feel you! We've got just the thing: Try Oribe's Gold Lust Transformative Masque. With a mix of white tea, baobob, jasmine extracts and Oribe's special bio-restorative complex, it'll give you back the softness and luster you had before you spent a few too many poolside days in a row! We like to leave it in for a while, even getting out of the shower with the mask in and a shower cap on; letting the product do its thing while we do our thing, and then rinsing out. Try it for yourself and feel the transformation! - Allana | View Portfolio | Read Bio
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Bringing Great Lengths Extensions To The Heart Of Boston

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Bringing Great Lengths Extensions To The Heart Of Boston As our name implies, we take hair extensions very seriously around here. Our founder and Master Stylist Allana has been on a career-long quest to find the best hair extension brands and partners to work with. We read, research, test, research again, test again, research again… So when we fall in love with a brand and a product, you know it’s for real! Which brings us to Great Lengths, our partners for bonded hair extensions. Great Lengths as a company has proven to truly be the world leader in high quality hair extensions, and they place value not only on the look and feel of the extensions but on the impact this industry has on the world we live in and its inhabitants. We are, in a word, obsessed with them! We love the hair and the brand, and we are so sure you will too.  Below, please find a very detailed explainer of what makes Great Lengths extensions stand out from other brands, and a video from the brand itself. If you're hair nerds like we are, we're sure you'll love learning about all the reasons we stand behind this...
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