D. K.

By September 21, 2020reviews

I found Extology Salon through a very intense search for hair extensions. Over the past few years – age and the chemo-preventative I’ve been on for the past 3 1/2 years had thinned out my once thick hair. I wasn’t necessarily looking for length, but volume. I looked at every possible type of extension and felt right at home when coming across Extology’s informative page on extensions. I was also very concerned that I would not be able to wear my hair up in a ponytail for my daily workouts and I was concerned for anyone to see that I had extensions. After going through every photo on Extology’s IG page and on the internet I made the leap of faith and set up a consultation.

Kriscia met me that afternoon and of all the consultants I had met on my hair extension journey, she was the first to sit down and really talk about every single aspect of extensions and the different types that she could use on me. In the end I wanted the most natural ones I could get. I decided to go for it and was able to get an appointment shortly after.

I arrived on my scheduled day with tons of work and Netflix queued up….I’m not going to lie – it was a long day!!!! The results were incredible – it was a bit longer than I was used to, but she told me to live with it for the next two weeks and she would do a check and adjust anything if needed and/or trim it.

When I went home that evening, my husband was blown away. He was sooooo happy that I was happy and was honest telling me how great it looked. Over the next two weeks I got used to it – styling and washing became easier and easier with each wash.

I only let a few people know what I had done – one was my son’s hairstylist and the other was my personal hairstylist – both were absolutely amazed with the end product and they had never seen bonds so tiny and spaced apart perfectly that you could run your hands through my hair without getting them stuck. In fact one of the hair stylist made her own appointment!!!

I went back at my two week followup and had the back trimmed up a few inches and while I was there Kriscia was so attentive to every question, determining what she needed to add to my file for the next time we did the bonds. In another two weeks I will go back and we will determine when we will remove and replace.

Another thing that was so great about the salon besides how pleasant everyone who works there is – was the parking! The salon was easy to get to – I traveled 45 minutes from New Hampshire – and got off at Sullivan Square and came over the bridge and was there in no time. Valet parking across the street at the hotel is such a nice benefit – and they have a Starbucks inside and its great to grab something to eat! It completely takes the stress away from coming into the city.

If I haven’t convinced you to set a consultation – I’m not sure what will! This was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself in a long time. I can’t wait to see how it evolves !

Thank you EXTOLOGY!!!!