We feel pretty confident when we say that hair extensions can change your life. Okay, they won’t hand deliver those shoes you’ve been eyeing, land you that promotion at work, or force you to stick to your juice cleanse when you just want a pint of ice cream for dinner — but, you know what? They’ll certainly help you feel good about the way you look. We think that’s pretty powerful stuff, that can have a ripple effect on all those other parts of your life as well. Whether you’d like to go from short to long overnight, are dreaming of longer locks for your wedding day, have hair thinning or hair loss that you’d like a little help in covering up, or just want a little more va-va-voom in your ‘do: hair extensions can do that for you.

And we are here to help.

Our team at Extology specializes in every aspect of the hair extension process (See? It’s right there in our name.) We only use the highest quality human hair extensions, from our brand partners – Great Lengths, Platinum Seamless, HaloCouture, SHE Professionals, and Flaunt by Paul Mitchell – that we have hand-picked after years of research across the hair industry.

We can help with achieving a hair look you’ve been dreaming of, help with hair restoration after hair loss or chemotherapy treatment for cancer survivors, make thinning or damaged hair look fuller and healthier, or even custom fit and cut a wig to your exact desires and specifications. And our passion for the craft is reflected in the way we see our clients look at themselves in the mirror when we’re done.

Still not sure if hair extensions with Extology are for you? Let’s get some questions out of the way…

What makes hair extensions at Extology Salon so special?

Well, to be honest, we’re kind of obsessed with each step of the hair extension process. We guide you through an in-depth consultation, select and custom-order the perfect extensions for your particular needs, and meticulously apply your luscious new locks with our very own (patent-pending!!) technique.

But wait, there’s more!

That’s right! We send all of our clients out the door with a care package of helpful, healthful treats: styling products, hair tools, and extension care plans that ensure you can look after your hair at home. Plus, we schedule a follow-up appointment after two weeks. And again after a month. We just can’t get enough of you!

Do you have any rules that you live by that you can share?

Why yes we do! We only use top-quality hair extensions. We prioritize the health of your own hair and scalp above all else. And we want to make sure you look absolutely fabulous when we’re done.

Do I need to be an A-list celebrity to get hair extensions?

We think hair extensions can and should be for anyone and everyone. They’re a way to turn up the volume on your femininity, or your sexiness, or your sense of self. They’re even a way to just have a little fun without damaging your natural tresses: You can play with length, bright and bold color, and style and shape without chemicals or dyes or permanent solutions.

What if I’m getting married, and I want my hair to be as on-point as my dress?

Yes, lucky bride, you can have the princess hair of your Martha Stewart Weddings dreams. From first look to last dance (and for all those picture-perfect moments in between), you can add volume and lushness to your hair or into your wedding up-do without any long-term commitment. We can give you temporary extensions that last all night — or even all honeymoon! (We think you’ll love it so much you’ll probably ask us to be your MOH.)

What if I’ve had hair loss or hair damage due to a medical condition or as a result of medical treatment?

First of all, we’re firm believers that no one needs to cover up their kick-ass survival with a wig. But, if you feel like wigs, hair pieces or extensions would make you feel more like you again, we’d be honored to help you do that. We know there’s not a lot of local resources for getting the job done stylishly. We can jump in at any point in your hair loss treatment. Whether it’s covering up bald spots, adding fullness and texture that you’re suddenly missing, or doing wig cutting, coloring, and styling to get you the ‘do you might not be able to have at the moment. Plus, as always, our focus is on damage-free reconstruction, and your head and scalp health is our priority.

What’s the Extology salon experience like?

You can read about all of our stylists on our about page. But we like to think of our space as intimate, friendly and comfortable — kind of like getting your hair done in your girlfriend’s living room. Except, your girlfriend just happens to be a knowledgeable, experienced, certified and talented hair expert. Plus she’s super fun to talk to, and she’s going to make sure you leave feeling super good about yourself.

It’s kind of like that.

So, what next?

  1. Click here to schedule your consultation. Consultations are an in-depth, personalized get-to-know-you session with you and your stylist (see step 2!) They take 90 – 120 minutes and cost $175, and can only be done in person.
  2. When you come in for your consultation, we’ll determine the right hair extension methods for you based on your hair density, hair texture, current length, desired final look, and any relevant medical conditions or preferences. We’ll measure your head and be able to quote an approximate amount of time that you’ll need to be in our chair and schedule your application.
  3. Your big day arrives, and we conduct hair magic.
  4. You leave with a goody bag of hair care products, hair tools, and a customized care plan to keep your hair looking and feeling great when you’re on your own.
  5. Over the next two weeks, you get to play around (and fall in love!) with your hair.
  6. Two weeks later, it’s time for follow-up appointment #1. You come in for check-in with us where you’ll tell us how your hair is behaving, what you’re loving, and any tweaks you might need or styling questions you might have.
  7. In another month, we get you in again for follow-up #2. This time, we’ll check out how fast your hair is growing, how you’re taking care of it, and if you need our help with additional pointers, tips, or tricks.
  8. At this point, we’ll have a pretty clear picture of when you’ll need or want to pop by the salon again for maintenance.
  9. That’s it! You’ll love your hair, and you’ll have made a new best friend in the process. (Just kidding. Sort of.)
  10. P.S. You can always read through our Hair Extensions Frequently Asked Questions if you want just a tiny bit more detail.

Let’s show you who we’re working with.

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