Is It Time For Your Hair Makeover?

By August 2, 2017 hair tips
hair makeover time

Is it time for your hair makeover?

Are you finding yourself scrolling through Pinterest, always looking for a new hairstyle; but you never end up going through with your hair makeover? Here are 5 signs you need a makeover and why you should go through with it!

1. Dull / No Shine

After a while hair starts to lose its rich look and becomes dull looking. A quick clear gloss or color can restore shine and leave your hair looking smooth and soft. [You can book your gloss here, and selecting Kelcee from the stylist list]

2. Wearing your hair up 24/7

There is nothing wrong with wearing your hair up and out of your face every so often. But if you are doing it to hide your hair, then that is a major sign that you need a hair makeover. Try finding pictures of styles you love and try something new! Don’t be afraid to spice it up a little even if it’s a Sunday night, watching Netflix with your dog. Practice makes perfect!

3. Wanting to color, but don’t know what shade is for you

Often I find my clients wanting to switch up the color of their hair but not getting out of their comfort zone because they are too scared of change. BOOK A CONSULTATION. During a color consultation we go over what shades will go best with your skin tone, as well as show you swatches so you get comfortable with the color before it is applied. Color consultations at Extology are complementary services. We schedule 15-20 minutes for the stylists to answer any questions that the client may have to make them 100% comfortable with the next step in the coloring process. [Click here to book your complimentary color consult appointment, and select Kelcee from the stylist list]

4. Visible gray hair popping through

Some women look great rocking that natural gray hair. But not everyone wants that look. There are many ways to blend grays or fully cover them. Weather you get a 1 process to completely cover your gray, a foil to blend a highlight in with the gray to camouflage it. Or a gloss to blend the grays with your natural tone, but not completely cover them with permanent color.

5. Too scared to cut your long locks

Everyone loves a cute lob, but so many clients are nervous to actually go through with it. I am one of those clients. It took me over a year to finally get myself to cut my hair and it’s the best decision i have made! Long hair is gorgeous, but when 6 inches of it is dead and you have split ends, it’s time for it to go. Break up with it!

If it’s time for your makeover, I would love to be your go to girl 🙂 You can look at my portfolio here on the salon page or my Instagram page @beauty_by_kelc to find your new look, and simply go to our Appointments page to schedule your next salon visit. I look forward to meeting you!

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