Madeline O.

By November 12, 2020reviews

Everyone here is just amazing. I have never had a bad experience with a single person there, and I always get compliments afterwards. I see Allison, who is 100% a color queen, and I always get so excited before my appointments. I also love that she always remembers that I prefer my hair to be curled, so she always adds in some waves for me after my blowout just so I can see my new hair the way I prefer to wear it. It’s easy to book an appointment, the front desk is always friendly, and my hair always looks great. The prices are a little high even for Boston, but, 1, you get what you pay for, and 2, I only go in for color a couple of times a year and a trim one or two more times than that, so it’s worth it to make sure that my wants and needs are being noted. Plus, I know they have a lot of extra costs right now to be in line with CDC guidelines. Right now, they are doing such a great job of keeping everything clean and sanitized even though I’m sure it’s made their job a lot harder. I tell everyone to go here!