Extology: The creative science of a beautiful you.

People ask us all the time: what does your salon name mean, and how did you come up with it? Well, we thought we’d go ahead and clear it all up for you!

Extology is, of course, a word we invented – because nothing like what we wanted to create existed out there in the big and vibrant salon community! We wanted to create something that we felt was lacking in the world of hair improvement, restoration and extensions: a hair extension process that was comprehensive, technique-tested, and thorough. It really is a science! From knowing what kind of products will keep hair extensions healthier for longer, to understanding how certain hair textures will benefit from certain methods of application — we’d done the research, tested the techniques, and wanted to bring all of our hours of “studies” to the Boston salon community.

And voila: Extology – a salon that focuses on the study of creating a beautiful head of hair – was born. Ten years later, we’re grateful to be always studying, always evolving, and always churning out happy, confident clients that get to reap the beautiful benefits of what we’ve learned.

Extology Salon Boston Logo