Sunette P.

By November 19, 2020reviews

Allana is…the Extologist yes, but in reality she is soo much more! She has been doing my hair for TEN YEARS now and man, looking back I can just say “WOW”! She is a Transformation Artiste!! I am on the reserved side when it comes to hair but that ended right after I met Allana;) If you need/want a change, don’t worry about how it will look and don’t even wonder if it could be possible because you are in good hands! She is an expert on colour, cuts as well as hair extentions. You show her a picture or describe what you are thinking of and she will take it from there. And in her own words: “Honey, anyone can be a blonde!”. I took a leap of faith and let her do her thing. I was very nervous and kept on interrupting her with my eyes wide trying to deal with the transformation that was happening but she calmed me down and had me more than relaxed when I saw what she can do! There is just no boundry when it comes to her ability to transform your look. If you can dream it, SHE CAN DO IT! If you have a plan, sure, go to her and she will do it BUT I suggest that you listen to her advice because she KNOWS hair. Don’t bother listening to what she can do for you, I strongly recommend that you just let her take the front seat with your ideas in mind and experience how she transforms your look and Rock Your Style!!! I guarantee that she will make you Haute and Happy!